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Random Thoughts and Such.....

Recently my school has offered the entire Adobe Creative Suite for download for FREE, this includes Flash, CS3 and so on. Of course it's a huge file, so I've been having to download the dmgs in increments. Each packet is 512MB, and takes around 22 minutes or so to download. Right now I'm working on the 4th part before I go to bed. After this I have 6 more parts to go though! It will be worth it though, but it sure is going to fill up my HD when everything is all said and done.

Flash has always interested me, and I've tinkered in it before, but never made anything worthwhile enough to show. Basically my first animation was of a bunny peeking out from behind a bush and going back down again, wooo, yeah....I know, exciting.... However I realize the power of flash to create simple games. I've always been interested in the idea of creating a visual novel/otome game, and I think Flash would be one way to do it. If you model it after visual novel style games like Hiiro no Kakera or Comic Garden, you can create your static background and stock poses of the characters to get you through a lot of dialogue. Of course you would still need to make all of the special CGs. I have a otome game storyline I think would be fun to pursue, but I already have so many other creative projects to work on.

My problem is that I get ideas faster than I can make those ideas reality. To be honest I really feel I am slow at drawing. I can't get as many comic pages done as other people. Part of it may be that I am too fussy. I will sometimes draw, erase, re-draw, and repeat this process over if I feel the expression or pose isn't just so. I really belted out the drawings in drawing class last semester though. I think sometimes when I sit down to draw Patches, something inside me freezes up, and I think it's related to the fact that I feel I have to get everything perfect, even though it is never perfect despite my best efforts.

Lately though, I've mostly felt like writing. I think this is partly due to the fact that it is relaxing and I feel I really need to get my lazy out before I have to start student teaching. Also writing, like reading is a fantasy get-away, and I guess I want to escape right now to avoid worrying about student teaching. Believe you me, if I weren't playing videos like a mindless goon or losing myself in writing, I would definitely have a belly-ache from worrying over it. In fact talking about it right now is probably already too much talking about it, so I should probably just shut up.

Ending on a lighter note though....Today I was researching Regency fashions and to a lesser extent Rococo fashions for some story ideas I have. In the process I came across this Jane Austen dedicated blog that has tons of resources in it for the life and times of Regency England among other Jane related things. Here is the link for all of you Janeites:


There are also some book reviews on there for books by modern day authors, but set in Regency England. The reviews seemed pretty good, and I can't get enough Jane myself, so I might have to check some of them out to get my period fiction fix.