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Juliet is pretty sick right now, and the vet hasn't determined exactly what it is yet. She is retaining water so much that her belly is bulbous, and the inflation of her belly has made it hard for her to move, not to mention there is pain if you touch her belly. During the last trip to the vet, he sent us home with a diuretic to try and see if it gets rid of the fluid, so then he could get a good xray of her lower organs to see what might be going on. Her heart and lungs are fine, and really this just came on all of the sudden. I am hoping whatever it is can be solved. Her blood tests do not indicate cancer or anything.

So now I'm worried and depressed. I don't want to lose my dog, the one that I found abandoned as a puppy and convinced my parents to take in. Juliet has always been my buddy, and the thought of losing her now when so many other things are going wrong just seems unbearable. I just want my Juliet to be healthy again so we can have many enjoyable spring and summer evening walks. You just don't know how much comfort she gives me and my family.


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Feb. 26th, 2009 08:34 pm (UTC)
I wish you and Juliet the best.
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