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Prezzie for Myself!

Soooo, I ordered my first MSD sized girl today!!! There were several reasons for this seemingly sudden order however. First of all, because the Asleep Eidolon MSD girls are on sale now at Mint on Card, they are waaaay too cheap right now not to consider them. Also they are running a special promotion, so I will get a free t-shirt and a pair of free glass eyes with my order too. The other factors are that I have been wanting a girl doll for a while now, and I haven't been making very good progress on my OOAK bjd. Finally, I had saved all of my comic book and advert monies, so I could afford it. Though now, although I am excited at the prospects of getting a new toy to sew for, I also realize that I made myself decidedly poor(er). XD

Anyway if anyone is interested, I ordered the Asleep Eidolon Yara doll. Which you can check out here:

I plan to put a strawberry blond or possibly a long redhead wig on her when she arrives. I also ordered some 16mm green eyes since I hear that they work better than the default 14mm eyes you get with the doll. I admit I went a little hog wild too and ordered an outfit and shoes. Mint on Card's stuff is very reasonable though, and they are nearby (in MI), so shipping isn't as hard on you.

This doll is also kind of a gift to myself since I went through some tough shizz lately. The tough shizz isn't over though, and I won't say now what it is until the situation is resolved. Suffice to say only my family knows what the situation is right now.