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Half Dead Artist at Work

Caffeine Needed - Will Draw for Food

Amy = Nincompoopus Major
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I like to create shoujo style comics and enjoy reading shoujo manga. My current comic project is a shoujo style tale called "Patches" which focuses on the difficulties of finding romance, and keeping relationships. Currently I am reading Five, Parfait Tic, and Gekka no Kimi as well as any other random interesting shoujo. As far as anime goes, I've been watching Denno Coil and Romeo x Juliet. Shoujo anime and manga is my passion! I also collect doujinshi, and am currently on the lookout for doujinshi or original works by Rito Kohsaka. When I am not being Japanese culture obsessed, I spend my time playing video games like Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Harvest Moon and the like. I also like romantic literature from authors like Jane Austen and Fanny Burney. I also like to cook and enjoy a lot of different types of music, especially Jrock!